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  1. MuffleTimber Panel

    As low as €233.34 €192.84
  2. MuffleTimber Sample

    As low as €7.07 €5.84
  3. MuffleCork by Corkbee - Kite

    As low as €49.63 €41.02
  4. MuffleCork by Corkbee - Stripe

    As low as €104.64 €86.48
  5. MuffleCork by Corkbee - Line

    As low as €41.72 €34.48
  6. MufflePanel PET

    As low as €161.62 €133.57
  7. MuffleBaffle PET

    As low as €86.87 €71.79
  8. MuffleScreen

    As low as €160.86 €132.94
  9. MuffleMoss

    As low as €169.69 €140.24
  10. Muffle Free-Hanging Acoustic Screen PET

    As low as €363.63 €300.52

Items 1-12 of 57

per page
Set Descending Direction


We're proud to offer our very own range of acoustic products, including panels, baffles, tiles and much more. Browse through the selection to see all of the colours, shapes and styles available. Whether you're looking to control noise in a classroom with a functional acoustic pinboard, or you're solving the acoustic challenges of a meeting room, we have products for your project.

Our Peace range is where you'll find all of our Fabric-Wrapped products, the Pure range takes a step back to nature and consists of all of our natural products, Beyond is our sustainable PET range and finally if you're looking for Muffle soundproofing products you'll find these listed under our Remedy range.