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  1. Improve your Library’s Acoustics

    Learn how to improve the acoustics of your library
  2. February BOTM - BAUX

    Introducing our Brand of the Month for February!
  3. We're Hiring! Technical Sales Adviser

    Join the growing sales team!
  4. COVID-19 Update

    Muffle update following national lockdown news
  5. Acoustics and Wellbeing

    Learn how acoustics are the key to happy staff
  6. A Guide to Soundproofing

    Learn what soundproofing is and why it's so important!
  7. An Introduction to Acoustics

    We talk a lot about acoustics, but what exactly is it?
  8. A Guide to Acoustics in Education

    The importance of acoustics in learning environments
  9. Business COVID-19 Update

    Muffle update following Coronavirus guidance
  10. How to work well from home

    A guide on getting the best out of working from home!
  11. Soundproofing or absorption?

    A quick and handy explanation of the differences between soundproofing and absorption
  12. Introducing: Fluffo

    Find out more about this exciting range of affordable, effective and stylish products.