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Fabricks provide award winning acoustic screens featuring unique designs that offer both excellent acoustics and sound reducing properties as well as a flexible interior element. Fabricks acoustic screens allow you to successful divide open plan spaces without the use of permanent structures that often take away the collaborative nature of an open plan environment.

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Nigel Sikora, a designer with 20+ years of experience in workplace design, used his extensive knowledge to create Fabricks acoustic screens that focus on both function and image. Designed for contemporary workplaces, the brick effect offers a modern appearance that works well in almost any open plan office.

Fabricks acoustic screens are easy to configure and offer an extremely flexible acoustic solution. Their non-permanent acoustic screens can be easily moved when installed with wheels to re-place as desired. Fabricks designed their acoustic screens with functionality in mind, which is why their acoustic screens accommodate power and data cables.

Noise reduction in the workplace is essential for productivity, which is why Fabricks created these acoustic screens. Their screens can be used to create impromptu meeting rooms or to divide open plan spaces into individual workspaces that will satisfy the work ethic of employees.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about Fabricks and their acoustic screens, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Muffle team. We’re more than happy to help!