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BuzziSpace are award-winning pioneers in the acoustic industry, creating some of the most innovative, aesthetic, and effective acoustic solutions on the market. At Muffle, we offer a wide variety of BuzziSpace’s acoustic products from acoustic wall panels to acoustic lighting and more.

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  1. BuzziSkin Acoustic Fabric

    €489.98 €398.36
  2. BuzziGrid Acoustic Raft

    €2,314.60 €1,881.79
  3. BuzziDome Acoustic Lighting

    €2,488.88 €2,023.48
  4. BuzziBalance Acoustic Furniture

    €1,344.30 €1,092.93
  5. BuzziBlinds Acoustic Screen

    €2,116.47 €1,720.71
  6. BuzziHat Acoustic Lighting

    €1,573.00 €1,278.86
  7. BuzziHub Acoustic Pod

    €8,716.22 €7,086.36
  8. BuzziLand Acoustic Raft

    €414.13 €336.69
  9. BuzziNest Booth Acoustic Pod

    €13,041.95 €10,603.21
  10. BuzziNest Pod Acoustic Pod

    €27,391.49 €22,269.50
  11. BuzziPouf Acoustic Furniture

    €1,131.06 €919.56
  12. BuzziRing Acoustic Furniture

    €2,817.14 €2,290.36
per page

Items 1-32 of 33

Set Descending Direction


BuzziSpace is an award-winning acoustics leader, they design some of the most aesthetically appealing acoustic solutions in the industry. With over 14 years of experience in acoustic solutions, you can be assured their products have been tried and tested to provide only the very best quality of effective acoustics.

BuzziSpace offer a vast selection of acoustic products. Ranging from modern, colourful acoustic wall panels and wallpapers to aesthetic acoustic lighting that can brighten any room. With numerous products having a large assortment of colours to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect solution to your design and acoustic dilemmas.

If you have any questions about BuzziSpace or their products, feel free to contact a member of the Muffle team. We're more than happy to answer any questions you may have.