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MuffleArt Acoustic Panels

MuffleArt is our range of acoustic art panels designed and inspired by our in-house graphic designer. These acoustic art panels flawlessly combine stunning artistry and quality acoustics to create the perfect acoustic solution for your home, office, or leisure space.

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Muffle - MuffleArt decorative acoustic wall panels

MuffleArt Acoustic Panels

Acoustic art panels offer a unique and discrete approach to acoustic treatment. Whether you’re just looking for some new wall art (that happens to have added acoustic benefits!) or are looking for a highly decorative acoustic wall panel, MuffleArt acoustic art panels are the perfect solution for your design or acoustic woes.

Our acoustic wall art is available in several designs and colours to suit a variety of aesthetics and environments. From offices, to restaurants, to homes, there is an acoustic art panel that’s perfect for you. Along with a range of designs, we offer a handful of canvas sizes to accommodate plenty of different wall dimensions. Our acoustic art panels are ideal for adding a decorative element to a room whilst securing the benefits from the enhanced sound quality they provide.

If you have any questions regarding our MuffleArt panels, please feel free to get in touch with an expert. The Muffle team are always more than happy to help!